NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) — More local soldiers are headed to Afghanistan.

The 307th Army Reserve in New Kensington stood at attention at the Clarion Hotel.

They are MPs, or military police. The next stop is Fort Bliss in Texas for additional training and then to Afghanistan.

Many of them have already served in Iraq.

“A different culture when we first got over there,” Sgt. Thomas Polino, an Iraq veteran, said. “Learning the language, learning their beliefs and trying to help them.”

With less than 24 hours until departure, there’s just enough time for one final hug. These men and women have support on the home front.

“My husband is a super dad – he’s amazing and we have a wonderful family that’s going to pitch in and help,” Grace Harvey, an Army specialist, said. “I’m very fortunate in that way.”

Lieutenant Brandy Toth is commander of the group, but she is also a loving mom.

“We have a strong family support group here,” Toth said. “It’s led by my mother, Theresa Toth.”

“We’re here to find those resources that they need, answer questions, be moral support, cry, laugh, whatever,” Theresa Toth with Family Readiness Group said.