FORT WORTH (KDKA) — Planners for Super Bowl XLV in the Dallas-Fort Worth area probably didn’t count on some of the coldest temperatures in 15 years to arrive for the event.

“Shocked, disappointed and aghast,” Dawn Lackovic, an Erie native in Dallas, said. “Very much. It’s colder here than it is back home!”

She drove about 1,100 miles for the game only to find ice-covered roads.

“They suck – oh my God!” Lackovic said. “Driving up here there were semis and cars off the road. We were stopped on the highway for half an hour.”

More than 24 hours after the ice storm, roads remained a mess.

One of the largest utility companies in Texas is conducting rolling statewide electrical outages in response to high demand.

Cowboys Stadium will be spared, but other Super Bowl facilities, such as the team hotels, are not exempt. The blackouts mean traffic lights are out and local businesses were closed.

Dave Wilkins, of Fort Worth, got hung up on a curb after hitting some ice.

Ross Guidotti: “Are you worried that we brought the weather down?”

“No! Nothing’s going to stop the game,” Wilkins said. “Bring it on, baby. Go Steelers!”