ARLINGTON, Texas (KDKA/AP) – When the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers meet in Super Bowl XLV, it will truly be a battle of the heavyweights.

Both teams have 13 players that tip the scales at more than 300 pounds. The numbers aren’t surprising in today’s overweight society, but when you look at the numbers compared to the history of the game, they are startling.

When Green Bay played in their first Super Bowl, 45 years ago, they didn’t have player heavier than 265 pounds.

Meanwhile, the Steelers’ Mean Joe Greene was the heaviest player in 1975, when he weighed in at 275 pounds.

Today, Green Bay’s heaviest player is nose tackle Howard Green at 340 pounds and Steelers’ guard Chris Kemoeatu weighs in at 344 pounds.

Although Kemoeatu still has to “watch his weight.”

“Just looking at what the dude sitting next to you is eating makes you want to eat more,” Kemoeatu said. “But you have to watch yourself. The team invests a lot of money in you. And they fine you if you get overweight.”

Over the past 10 years, the NFL has seen a sharp increase of players that weigh over 300 pounds. In 1970, there was one player over 300 pounds, three in 1980, 94 in 1990, 301 in 2000 and 394 at the start of last season.