PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As Super Bowl excitement builds, the loyalty of fans is emerging.

But imagine being a born and raised Green Bay Packers fan, who now makes their home in Pittsburgh. That’s the dilemma local talk show host, Lynn Cullen, is facing.

We already know about the fanaticism of Steelers Nation, but Packers fans will tell you that they are even bigger fanatics.

“Green Bay, obviously doesn’t have a lot happening. So, the Packers, that’s it,” said Cullen. “So, Packer fans are just crazed. “

Cullen knows better than most about the difference between Steelers fans and Packers fans.

“They’re very much a like. They’re solid. They have a storied history,” said Cullen. “The towns are the same, except Green Bay is real teeny. But they’re industrial cities.”

Cullen should know. She was born and raised in Green Bay, but has lived in Pittsburgh for 30 years. But who is she rooting for?

“I have been dreading this,” says Cullen. “I love both teams.”

She even has a scarf that’s black, gold and green.

“This is my Steeler-Packer schizophrenic scarf,” she says. “It’s equal parts.”

She’s even sought divine intervention about this game.

“I heard that Bishop Zubik, who was the bishop in Green Bay before he came here, said he was praying for this match. I was praying for it not to happen,” she added. “He obviously has more pull upstairs.”

So, who’s she pulling for on Sunday?

“I’m considering it like the secret ballot. I’m watching the game by myself, wrapped in a straight jacket,” she said. “I don’t know. Does Western Psych have a good TV because I could check in and watch it there.”