MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — A bus carrying Steelers fans left Thursday night for Texas.

It will be a 23-hour trip with only a few comfort stops.

The trip was organized by DeBolt Unlimited in Homestead. The bus picked up passengers in Monroeville and the South Hills before hitting the highway.

For Howard Huss Jr. and his dad, it’s their first time attending the match-up of all football match-ups.

“I’m 65 years old, and this is pretty impressive for me to get to go,” said Huss Sr.

Many of the fans packed snacks and planned on sleeping on the bus, although they will show movies on TV monitors to help pass the time.

Tom “The Towel Man” showed up selling terrible towels in case anyone forgot to pack one.

Aaron Golding grew up in Pittsburgh, but lives in Los Angeles now. He boarded the bus without even having tickets because he wants to be part of the celebration in Texas.

The bus should arrive Friday evening.