By Mary Robb Jackson

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — High above the quiet of Gateway Center, way up on the 23rd floor of Building 3, a battle is brewing – a clash of co-workers.

Nine of the 11 people who earn their daily bread at Mutual of America bleed Black and Gold, like “Terrible” Tony Longo.

“Everybody thinks it’s gonna be a close game, but I think we’re gonna hit them hard and hit them quick and just take care of business,” he said.

But the boss man, Patrick Ring, hails from Milwaukee. Guess who he’s rooting for?

“It’s kind of a good tension – everyone’s taking part – they’re not taking it too seriously,” he said.

Steelers fan, Niki Spedina, had to improvise her cookie cake.

“Giant Eagle would not write ‘Packers’ so I just told them to put ‘boo’ and I wrote it myself,” Spedina said.
“I’ve been learning to deal with it with the help of others,” Ring said.

Actually, there is only one other Wisconsin transplant, Korinna Gundrum.

“It’s been miserable. I can’t believe that people would actually pick on a pregnant woman,” she said. “It’s terrible – I even got booed in the hallway before.”

The dueling decorations are an outward sign of the impact the opposing loyalties are having on office atmosphere.

But they were breaking bread together – bratwurst and kielbasa, homemade pepperoni rolls and the “C” word.

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