SOUTH FAYETTE (KDKA) — There are lots of crazy bets over which team will win the Super Bowl, and students at one local school are feeling good about the Steelers’ chances.

There’s no lack of black and gold spirit at South Fayette Middle School where the kids have literally put the “soup” in Super Bowl.

“It’s important to help the people who are less fortunate because we can get soup and sometimes they can’t,” said student Nicky Aweidah.

It’s the third time the suburban Pittsburgh middle school has challenged a school from the opposing Super Bowl city. The winner is simply the school that donates the most cans of soup.

“It just feels really good. You can go around and say that I helped contribute to that,” said Lexi Koziak, a sixth grade student. “It’s just a really good feeling.”

South Fayette’s record is almost as stellar as the Steelers.

“We are 2-0. Hopefully, and I’m positive, will be 3-0 after today,” said Assistant Principal Pete Abdulovic.

“There’s a lot of high expectations around here because after the last couple that we won it’s kind of tradition,” said Anthony Davidson, an eighth grader. “Every Super Bowl we do this, so it’s kind of great to do it again.”

The kids passed the 15,000 mark Friday morning, and the soup just kept on coming.

“South Fayette is a community that is about servant leaderships and I think you can hear the testimony from our students that they really want to do things for others,” added Bille Rondinelli, the superintendent of South Fayette Schools.

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