By Jon Delano, KDKA Money Editor

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Last year’s Super Bowl XLIV between New Orleans and Indianapolis attracted 106.5 million viewers with more than 153 million people watching at least part of the game.

Some think this year’s game may do even better.

It turns out that many millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl game — not to see the play action — but to watch the commercials.

That still leaves millions of Americans who don’t watch the Super Bowl at all.

Everyone in Pittsburgh is watching the Super Bowl, right?

“It’s Pittsburgh. It’s the Steelers. All eyes are going to be on the Steelers,” says John Jordan of Mars.

They’re hard to find, but not everyone will watch the game.

“Probably not. I think I got things to do,” Rick Mercer of Shadyside told KDKA’s Jon Delano.

“No,” says Natalie Difar of Jerusalem, Israel. “Because I never played this game. I’m only a tourist here.”

Okay, excuse the foreigners, but it turns out lots of Americans skip the play action, preferring the ads.

“For roughly about a quarter of the people planning to watch the Super Bowl, it is about the commercials,” says Dr. Lee Miringoff of the Marist Poll.

That poll found 74 percent of adults watch the Super Bowl for the game, while 26 percent watch for the ads.

“We love the ads, too. The commercials are great,” says Kari Jordan of Mars.

But the older you are, the less those ads count.

“For the game, not those stupid ads. I go get my snacks when those ads are on,” says Dorothy Wysoczewski of Oakland.

Last year’s Super Bowl was the most watched television show in United States history and Dr. Miringoff thinks this game could set a new record.

“Yeah, I think it’s a good chance. I think the ratings have been very strong. The Super Bowl has become a huge social event.”

But, ironically, the fact that the game is thought to be so close — with either team a potential winner — could attract more viewers than ever.

As for the ads, there’s a gender gap.

While 37 percent of women watch the Super Bowl for the ads, only 16 percent of men say that’s why they tune in.

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