FOREST HILLS (KDKA) — An elderly couple remains in the hospital today after officials say they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes at their home in Forest Hills.

The 69-year-old woman and her 70-year-old husband were taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning this morning.

According to Forest Hills police, the elderly woman barely managed to call 911 after her husband passed out from the fumes in their Sherwood Road home.

Neighbors say the couple is hearing impaired, and didn’t realize they had accidentally left their car running in the garage overnight.

“They’re nice people. I’m glad they’re okay. Glad the police responded quickly,” said Sean Flaherty, a neighbor. “I hope they pull through and everything’s all right.”

A steel door that separates the garage and basement kept most of the fumes from getting into the house and probably saved their lives.

However, since the car was running for nearly eight hours, there were enough fumes in the house to have an effect on the couple.

There is no word on their condition, but officials say they are expected to recover.