MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — Anger is putting lightly for Steelers season ticket holders Mary Jo and David White.

They showed up to Cowboys Stadium and were told they had no seats because a fire marshal deemed a thousand temporary seats unsafe. They were then put in a holding area.

“A bunch of police are standing by and now we have Packers fans Steelers fans who are livid, dropping profanities like nobody’s business, yelling screaming about Jerry Jones, the NFL, our tickets,” Mary Jo said.

In that holding tent, David, who is also an attorney, was given an apology letter which said they would receive three times the face value of each ticket, but wouldn’t make into the game.

“This is a class action suit. This is a fraud,” White said. “They sold you a ticket where there was no seat.”

“We are season ticket holders! And this is the thanks we get for going to games every week spending the money we spend,” Mary Jo added. “The Steeler merchandise we have in this house is ridiculous.”

After four and a half hours, they were the lucky few who were given new seating three rows from the top of the stadium.

“They take seats and crank them up and there’s about 10 rows of seats – stainless steel seats,” Mary Jo said. “That’s what our seats looked like – our $800 seats.”

After all the money the Whites spent to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, there’s nothing the NFL can do to get that back for them.

“I don’t if you could ever monetarily replace what we lost because we frankly lost the entire enthusiasm for the game by the time we got in,” David said.

The Steelers have released a statement about the ticket situation.

“The Steelers organization regrets the ticket seating problems that occurred at the Super Bowl on Sunday. Steelers season ticket holders who were impacted should contact the Steelers ticket office with their seat information and hold on to their ticket stubs. The Steelers will assist fans with further action through the NFL office.”