PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was a snafu of Super Bowl proportions.

Fans with legitimate tickets were denied seats. About 1,250 angry Steelers and Packers fans were victims of an NFL screw-up.

“Three hours we wait in line and then they treat us like cattle, and then tell us we don’t have a seat after we spend all this money,” Gary Schlegel, a Steelers fan, said.

The NFL tried to set a Super Bowl attendance record with temporary seats, but on Sunday, inspectors wouldn’t go along and block off seats for safety reasons. Some fans ended up seated, but 400 did not.

“We apologize to those fans that were impacted by this,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “We are going to work with them.”

Attorney Rob Peirce says the NFL breached a contract with its fans and his advice to Goodell is reimburse fans for their trip to Dallas.

“If you’re the NFL, you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation, do the right thing,” he said. “Reimburse all their expenses, and try to do something else on top to try to help satisfy the pain they may have had from not seeing this event.”

But the NFL has not yet offered to pay for travel and hotel, instead promising first only the ticket price, then three times the ticket price and now adding in a free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl.

Attorney Kim Kisner says fans should not accept anything from the NFL just yet.

“Take the time. See what’s offered before you make any rush to the courthouse or rush to judgment on it because I think the NFL will try to make this right,” Kisner said.

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