PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – The NFL is dealing with a public relations nightmare after 1,250 fans were either displaced or forced to give up their tickets to Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.

Of the 1,250 fans affected, 400 had to watch the game on monitors or use standing room platforms. The problem arose because some temporary seating sections were not completed in time.

The league initially said Sunday it would give $2,400, three times the face value of the ticket, to the 400 fans.

On Monday, those fans were offered free tickets to next year’s Super Bowl, in addition to the cash.

On Tuesday, the NFL upped the ante again with a second option.

The other option for fans is to get tickets to any future Super Bowl, round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations to the game. Fans who choose this option will not get the $2,400.

The NFL is also allowing them to wait until after the conference championship games to see if their favorite team advances to the Super Bowl.

These options are only available to the 400 people who were not given a seat at Sunday’s game. It does not apply to the other 850 people who were moved into other seats.

If fans choose to receive the tickets to next year’s Super Bowl and the $2,400, the tickets are transferable.

However, if they choose the second option, the ticket will not be transferable.