RANKIN (KDKA) – Police say something posted on Facebook led to trouble for a couple in Rankin.

It allegedly caused a fight that involved biting, spitting and breaking a lamp over someone’s head.

Court records show Malcolm Turner was charged with simple assault after the fight at Palisades Plaza apartments.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified says she heard the commotion.

She said, “I heard them just arguing and fighting and kicking the door. After, I heard the police out there, but I never looked out be nebby.”

“It seems like it stemmed over the social network Facebook – something he saw on there made him angry,” said Sgt. David Grimes from Rankin Police.

Police say Turner was infuriated by something his girlfriend posted that was meant for a male friend and that the couple began to argue and tussle.

“The male defendant did bite her and also spat in her face … the victim hit in the head with the lamp,” said Sgt. Grimes.

Turner was arraigned and then released. KDKA’s David Highfield talked with him briefly, but Turner did not want to comment on camera.

The woman, who has not been identified, will be mailed a summons to face a misdemeanor charge.

Sgt. Grimes offered some advice, “Be careful what you put on any social networks: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.”

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