SOUTHWEST GREENSBURG (KDKA) – State police are investigating a suspected drug lab in Westmoreland County.

Neighbors complained about fumes coming from an apartment at 428 Alexander Ave. in Southwest Greensburg.

“It started probably three months ago,” Risa Williams, a neighbor, said. “I started smelling fumes – paint thinner to be exact.”

“I would ask what’s going on. He always said it was totally safe,” she added.

Williams said she started getting headaches and her boyfriend started seeing things, thinking there were demons inside their apartment.

“My boyfriend started hallucinating,” Williams said. “We never were figuring it out though. It didn’t dawn on us that the fumes were coming up.”

Her boyfriend sought professional help and stopped going to work because of the hallucinations.

Sunday, State police entered the first-floor apartment at the landlord’s request to see if the fumes were making them sick.

Officers found more than 20 different chemicals inside.

No charges have been filed so far, but police are running tests to determine what kind of drugs were allegedly made there.

Pennsylvania State Police
Westmoreland County

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