PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – At the height of the storm Monday night, Allegheny County 911 said they had 130 vehicles abandoned. The Parkway North was one of the worst hit.

Tuesday morning, those who abandoned their vehicles returned to claim them.

Just prior to sunrise, salt and plow trucks took to the streets for the morning commute. However, they had to deal with dozens of abandoned cars left on the road.

“When the back wheels started sliding over I just stopped right where I was at,” truck driver Richard Oswalt said.

Oswalt, from Mississippi, had all 18 wheels of his truck stuck near the McKnight Road exit.

“When it came down, it came down. It was hard. Last night, we were pushing cars up the hill and everything. The fire department guys were out here. We were all going up and down the hill last night. Pushing the cars up and walking back down to get another one,” Oswalkt said.

As the morning progressed, motorists returned to their vehicles.

“I knew I wasn’t making it anywhere. I was sitting in there for 20 minutes just debating whether I’d leave or not,” Andrew Boglin said.

Oswalt was forced to stay and the sleeper cab in the truck was far from being a warm hotel room.

“It was cold last night. I’m low on fuel,” Oswalt said.

If your vehicle is still abandoned on the side of the road, you could get a ticket or have your car towed.

Snow South

To the south of Pittsburgh, there were problems along Interstate 70 caused by the storm.

In Smithton, Westmoreland County, truck drivers were struggling on I-70 Monday night and during Tuesday’s morning commute.

Some got stuck along I-70, while others made it to the Smithton truck stop to wait out the storm.

Drivers at the truck stop said it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Very hazardous. I try not to drive in it when the roads get snow-covered. I usually try to get of the road and get parked. In fact, I haven’t moved yet, because the roads are still in pretty bad shape. So, for safety’s sake, this thing weighs 80,000 pounds and once you get it going it’s kind of hard to get it stopped,” truck driver Ron Goldston said.

As for snow totals, areas around Hempfield Township were reporting up to nine inches.

The roads are in much better condition than they were last night, but it’s going to take some time to fully clear them.


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