MOUNT LEBANON (KDKA) — Celine Dion, Elton John, and Kelly Preston and John Travolta are just a few of the celebrity parents sporting the coolest new baby gear by the 4 Moms company.

But KDKA’s Kristine Sorensen has been using the products for a while now, and that’s because the moms who came up with them are from Mount Lebanon.

Now, they’ve got a prototype for a futuristic stroller and KDKA was given an exclusive sneak peek.

“What strikes Hollywood as well as ordinary moms and dads is the fact that it was our goal to design innovative products that also were really high in safety features,” said Kristin Napoleon, of 4 Moms. “So, I think you have sleek-looking products that do things no other products do, but have safety features like you can’t imagine.”

There are actually five moms that make up the company, Jenn Daley, Kristin Napoleon, Erin Rimmel, Elizabeth Rychik and Cindy Schaab; but the marketing folks thought 4 Moms sounded better.

They have 15 children among them and have been friends for more than a decade. They’re mainly a focus group for Daley’s husband’s company.

Their first product was the Cleanwater Infant Tub.

Dana Tecza’s 3-month-old daughter, Addison, loves her bath so much, she never stops kicking. The water stays warm because it constantly flows into a well and filters out of a hole.

“I like the clean water. The soap’s not sitting in there; so there’s always clean water in there,” said Tecza, of Mount Lebanon. “You feel like they’re really clean when they get out.”

The tub lets parents know if it gets too hot or too cold.

The 4 Moms’ next product was the mamaRoo.

“It’s an infant seat and it takes the place of a bouncy seat or a swing,” said Schaab. “Parents don’t vibrate like a bouncy seat and they don’t swing to sooth their infants. They bounce and sway. So, we developed a product that would do just that.”

The mamaRoo moves five different ways, has five nature sounds and connects to an MP3 player. The product has been a big hit with the celebrities.

Tecza’s also a big fan. Not only does little Addison love it; so do her older siblings.

“She always wants me to be swaying her and bouncing her, and with three children, I’m not always able to do that,” said Tecza. “She usually goes in there awake and is content in there for quite a while, and then goes ahead and falls asleep.”

The 4 Moms’ newest product, the Origami Stroller, is set to make its debut this summer. It’s the world’s first power-folding stroller.

“When I had my babies, it was like a six-step process to open and close my stroller. I swear, sometimes my mother just wanted to stick it in the car open because she couldn’t figure out how to put it back together,” said Rimmel. “We want it to be easy for moms, maybe holding a baby and a diaper bag.”

Also, it won’t collapse if a child is in the seat.

The Origami Stroller also will charge your cell phone, has daytime lights, four-wheel suspension and a thermometer, speedometer and odometer.

The 4 Moms products certainly aren’t cheap, but they are innovative and unique.

The bathtub is $40, the Mamaroo is $200 and the Origami Stroller is $800.

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