By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pitt Panthers will wrap up the 2011 regular season with a lot on the line.

With a win Saturday versus Villanova, Pitt will win the Big East regular season championship.

It’s hard to believe because of all their success, but the last time Pitt won a regular season championship was back in 2003 (Jamie Dixon’s first season).

Here’s another stat that might surprise you. With a win Saturday, Pitt would be the No. 1 seed in the upcoming Big East tournament. They would earn the honor of being the top seed, something they’ve only been twice (1987-88 and 2003-04).

A win would also make them a lock as a No. 1 seed in the upcoming NCAA men’s tournament.

Here’s the latest bracketology from some experts.

Jerry Palm (
No. 1 Seeds: Ohio St, Kansas, Duke, Pitt
No. 2 Seeds: Syracuse, Notre Dame, San Diego St, Purdue

Joe Lunardi (
No. 1 Seeds: Ohio State, Kansas, Pitt, BYU
No. 2 Seeds: Duke, Purdue, Texas, Notre Dame

Here’s some more numbers for you to digest. The RPI is an important element in determining tournament seeding. These latest numbers take into account BYU’s loss Wednesday night. RPI:

1. Kansas: 28-2     RPI .6747    SOS Rank 11
2. Ohio St: 28-2    RPI .6686    SOS Rank 27
3. BYU: 26-3         RPI .6645     SOS Rank 14
4. Duke: 27-3        RPI .6586     SOS Rank 33
5. SD St: 26-2        RPI .6584      SOS Rank 36
6. Purdue: 25-5    RPI .6553       SOS Rank 17
7. PITT: 26-4    RPI .6455       SOS Rank 28
8. G’Town: 21-8    RPI.6445        SOS Rank 1
9. N. Dame: 24-5 RPI .6405        SOS Rank 30
10. N. C.: 23-6     RPI .6401         SOS Rank 15

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