SCOTTDALE (KDKA) – Police say a local man left his young son home alone while he walked around the neighborhood dressed as a ninja.

Ross Hurst, 28, told police he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was simply acting out a fantasy because he likes playing ninja.

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Hurst was charged after they learned that his son was left home alone at the time.

Less than a week later, he was charged with making a threatening phone call to a longtime friend who was a witness in a case against another friend.

“He was pretty messed up – I could tell he was under the influence of something,” Justin Jellot told KDKA-TV. “And he told me, in his real calm kind of creepy voice, he was like, ‘You know that skin around your neck?’ He said, ‘I hope you cherish it because it’s going to be cut real soon.’”

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Jellot said he didn’t want to go to police, but had no choice after Hurst allegedly threatened his wife and family.

He’s now hoping his high school friend and college roommate gets the help that he needs.

“There’s obviously something wrong with him,” Jellot said. “To be leaving your 4-year-old child alone and out at two in the morning, being picked up by the police dressed in black, and giving a story like, ‘I’m dressed up like a ninja, I’m playing ninja,’ there’s something wrong.”

Hurst is being held in the Westmoreland County Jail on $50,000 straight cash bond.

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