WILKINSBURG (KDKA) — A local councilman is charged with punching a woman.

Wilkinsburg police were called to Carl Lewis’ home Sunday night. He is the alleged victim’s landlord and friend.

KDKA’s Kym Gable reports it all started as a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit at Lewis’ home, but turned into assault charges.

Michaelann Dilorio was visiting Lewis with her boyfriend and two kids. She says Lewis snapped when she reached for a shot of vodka that Lewis apparently didn’t want her to have.

“He started calling me all kind of names and like I said, he grabbed me by my head, he was punching me,” Dilorio said. “You can feel the knots on my head and you can see all right in here he punched me in the side of my face and closed fist punched me right in the eye.”

Dilorio says he dragged her down the steps and slammed her into a fence outside. Besides the black eye, she has bruises and scrapes on her head, arms and ankle. She says her kids witnessed the assault.

“And my boyfriend tried to get him off of me, but like I said, we were in the stairwell and it’s too skinny,” she said.

Police arrived and broke up the fight. They charged Lewis with simple assault.

Dilorio says she’s moving out of the home she rents from Lewis and hopes he is ousted from his council seat.

KDKA’s Kym Gable went to Lewis’ home, but no one answered the door.

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