NORTH HUNTINGDON (KDKA) — There were tears of joy at a North Huntingdon church Sunday for a local airman wounded during a terrorist attack against American soldiers in Germany earlier this month.

His parents, Bruce and Paula Schneider, offered heartfelt testimony about how the power of prayer caused miracles to happen to their family.

The couple updated the congregation at Norwin Alliance Church about the condition of their son Kristoffer. The 25-year-old Nowin High School graduate and Air Force MP was shot twice during a terrorist attack at a German airport.

“The first bullet he said hit him in the back, spun him around, knocked him to the ground,” said Kristoffer’s father, Bruce.

Two airmen were killed in the incident and two others were wounded. Schneider says the outcome could have been much worse.

“God also was there at that point and time because he jammed the gun,” said Bruce. “There were seven rounds out of it, there were nine left in it.”

Kristoffer’s parents think that was the first of several miracles because one of the bullets hit their son in the head and went through his brain.

“Made a u-turn, came back past the muscle on his eye, went down through his sinuses, dropped down and went under his tongue and went over and hit his jaw,” said Kristoffer’s mother, Paula.

Paula Schneider says somehow there was no major damage to her son’s optic nerves or arteries. In fact, she says he’s out of the coma and was talking and laughing.

“From what we can hear and see, he has no motor skill damage, no speech damage, no memory damage because he went through the entire situation with us and didn’t miss a word,” said Paula.

Bruce Schneider admitted he was angry after the shooting, but now says that prayer changed him.

“I managed to pray for the man that shot my son. After I had done that I felt fine,” he said.

While they watch their son recover in a U.S. hospital, the Schneiders are longing for the day when he can return to the church where he grew up.

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