CONWAY (KDKA) — A local family was upset enough over someone shooting their two cats, killing one them, but they became enraged when they realized the type of gun that had been used in a residential neighborhood with children playing outside.

Darlene Rose, of Conway, Beaver County, says that her veterinarian told her the cats were shot with a .22 bullet. Experts say that type of bullet can travel as much as a mile or more.

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“It’s terrible that the cats got shot,” but Rose says it’s scarier that so many kids were outside Saturday afternoon when it happened and could have been hurt.

“All the while this was happening our children were riding up and down the street on their bikes.”

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Rose has passed out 40 fliers to neighbors warning them and offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who shot the cats.

The one cat, named Shooting Star, is recuperating but may still lose its leg. The other cat, a female named Ralph, crawled up under a Jeep in the family’s yard after being shot, and that’s where the family found it dead.

Ralph used to sleep on 10-year-old Ivy’s bed each night. She says she misses her cat very much.

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Conway police say it may be illegal to fire a .22 in that neighborhood.