PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Civic Arena is one step closer to becoming rubble.

The Pittsburgh City Planning Commission followed in the same footsteps of the City Historic Review Commission.

Both commissions voted against historic status for the former home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Now, the only way the Civic Arena can be saved is by having six of the nine sitting City Council members vote in favor of the arena.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the possibility of having six City Council members voting for the Civic Arena is highly unlikely as they voted against historic status eight years ago.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and the building’s owner, the Allegheny County Sports & Exhibition Authority, all want the building demolished and the land to be turned into residential, office and commercial development.

Both commissions believe the redevelopment of the land would create thousands of jobs and constant revenue for the city is a higher priority than keeping the building.

The Penguins and the County Authority have argued against keeping arena saying it costs about $65,000 a month to maintain the structure and the arena is not bringing in enough revenue to support the building.

The council has until Aug. 21, to vote on the historic designation of the Civic Arena.


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