HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Two churches and a medical spa were burglarized in Hempfield Township.

Thieves stole about $1,500 in petty cash from Our Lady of Grace Church on Mount Pleasant Road.

About $20 was stolen from church offices at Maplewood Presbyterian Church on Woodland Road.

“We believe one of the places they got in through a window,” State Trooper Steve Limani said. “The other location, we’re not positive. They were causing a lot of damage when they were entering into these locations, so it was forcible in nature.”

Once inside, burglars searched for money and other valuables at Maplewood Church and they even damaged some filing cabinets.

“It’s bad enough when someone causes some kind of burglary or breaks into a place,” Limani said. “When they break into a place of worship and cause what is considered institutional vandalism, it’s even more sensitive of a crime.”

Officials at both churches declined to comment. State police ask anyone with information to call them.

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