PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A mother is speaking out following the arrest of her son in connection with a shooting that critically injured a Clairton police officer.

Investigators say 18-year-old Marcus Andrejco-Jones was arrested Friday evening at his apartment in Rankin. He is facing a long list of charges including assault on a police officer, criminal attempt at homicide, burglary, robbery and aggravated assault.

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But his mother claims he never left home on the night of the shooting.

Two adult victims in the Clairton home invasion have identified Andrejco-Jones as one of the gunman in Monday night’s home invasion.

Police Officer James Kuzak was wounded while responding to the call on Miller Avenue. He was shot three times and remains in the hospital.

Andrejco-Jones’s mother says her son was nowhere near Clairton the night of the incident.

“You got the wrong person; the person that did commit this crime is still out there,” said Jamie Andrejco, the suspect’s mother. “The people in the house, I don’t know how they could pick Marcus out and identified him because he was home. There’s no way that he could have been part of this, at all.”

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The home invasion and police shooting happened around 10:45 p.m. Andrejco says her son stayed in their Hawkins Village apartment, watched Hines Ward perform on “Dancing with the Stars,” and never went back out that night.

“He was home by nine o’clock; we watched ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ which was on from nine till 10. Then, he gets on the computer and raps,” said Andrejco. “That’s all he does. He raps and makes songs on a laptop, and he goes to sleep. That’s what he did that night.”

Andrejco says Marcus got into trouble once as a juvenile. She says he has no gun and does not know Myles Hutchinson, the other suspect charged in the home invasion and police shooting.

“I know all of my son’s friends, their names, their numbers, where he goes, who [he’s] with,” she said. “He doesn’t even know Myles.”

“It’s really hard knowing that he’s innocent, totally innocent,” Andrejco added. “I’m not saying my kids don’t do nothing wrong, but I truly, really know where he was at that specific time.”

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