MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (KDKA) — West Virginia University’s athletic director is proposing that the school begin selling beer at football games because he thinks it help them control the alcohol consumption.

“We believe that this will help eliminate the abuse of alcohol in the parking lots at halftime and improve fan behavior,” said WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck.

The school’s Board of Governors has to approve the idea. They will not consider it until after a 30-day period during which the public can comment on the idea on the board’s website.

Luck also wants to ban re-entry into the stadium, which would keep fans from leaving to drink in the parking lot and then returning to the game.

“With responsible serving practices and proper vendor training coupled with the elimination of stadium re-entry, we can control the consumption of alcohol,” said Luck.

Students on campus had mixed opinions on both selling beer and changing the re-entry policy.

“Everyone’s rowdy and drunk,” said Junior Tyler Dermitt. “They’re going to do what they’re going to do.”

Beer is not currently sold in the stadium at-large, but is sold in private leased suites.

Some students pointed out that the school could also make money from selling the beer, which was also pointed out by Luck.