By: Trina Orlando

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An inmate at the Westmoreland County Jail is facing new charges for allegedly threatening the life of the judge who put him behind bars.

Officials say Anthony Sandor, 19, told investigators that he had a lifelong dream of being a mass murderer and fulfilling that dream would mean killing the judge who put him in jail.

Sandor allegedly wrote three expletive-filled letters that were intercepted by jail guards earlier this month. They were addressed to Westmoreland County Judge John Blahovec.

In one of the letters, Sandor wrote, “I’ll shove an M-16 barrel in your mouth and shoot you till you look like Swiss cheese.”

In another letter, Sandor allegedly threatened the judge’s family writing, “You took two years of my life from me, now I’m gonna take your entire life away from you.”

Sandor’s letters were accompanied by a drawing, which officials say he told detectives shows an explosion at the judge’s house and blood thirsty pigs eating a stick figure.

Authorities say Sandor wrote the letters while incarcerated at the Westmoreland County Jail. That’s where he’s serving a nine to 23 month sentence on an aggravated assault conviction as part of a plea deal he agreed to in Judge Blahovec’s courtroom.

In an interview, Sandor told investigators that he liked their suits, saying, “I should buy one before I kill Blahovec.”

Investigators say he went on to ask the detectives if they had heard of the nursery rhyme “Mary had a Little Lamb,” saying he had a rhyme of his own that went, “Anthony has a pig farm of blood thirsty pigs that will eat Judge Blahovec.”

Investigators later found a third letter in which Sandor apologizes to the judge saying his “meds have not been working” and he’s having “very bad mood swings.”

Sandor remains in the Westmoreland County Jail on his aggravated assault conviction. He is now facing additional charges of retaliation against a judicial official and making terroristic threats.

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