BALDWIN (KDKA) — There are new details in the case against a 41-year-old man from Baldwin accused of sexually assaulting young girls.

The 12-year-old victim in this case told police Matthew Bendel videotaped the assaults. That led to this latest search by police.

Earlier this month, two girls came forward to Baldwin Police to say Bendel forced them to have sex when they were just 12 and 13 years old and it continued for years.

He was living with one of the girls’ mothers at that time.

The 12-year-old told police Bendel would come into her room after everybody was asleep and they would engage in sexual activity.

Last fall, Bendel moved to Van Nuys, Calif., a neighborhood of Los Angeles. At Baldwin’s request, the LAPD raided Bendel’s home.

“Cause we figured if he had videotaped it, he may have kept the contents stored somewhere, so upon looking for that information, we’ve uncovered other possible people that he might have had a relationship with,” Baldwin Police Chief Michael Scott said.

Los Angeles Police found more than 100 videotapes and DVDs in Bendel’s home – some of which contained disturbing images.

“Some of which upon initial review portray what appears to be underage females,” Scott said.

Scott thinks Bendel may have had more underage victims in this area and they want to talk to them.

He says it appears other students knew Bendel was sexually assaulting the young girls, but were convinced to stay quiet.

One witness said the suspect told her, “If you are [the victim’s] friend, please don’t tell anybody. I don’t want to go to jail. I care for her very much.”

Bendel’s charged with 13 counts, including sexual assault and indecent assault of children. He’s in the Allegheny County Jail under $500,000 bond.

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