PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — He was the Allegheny County medical examiner before a federal prosecutor indicted him on corruption charges.

But now that the charges have been dropped, and the term of the current medical examiner has expired, Cyril Wecht says he wants his job back.

“It’s far more than just being restored to a position that was rightfully mine, which I would be enjoying today if I had not been forced to resign – think of it that way,” said Wecht.

He was forced to resign after federal agents seized records from his office and he was later indicted on corruption charges.

But after a hung jury, a mistrial, most of the charges thrown out by a judge and the remaining charges dropped, Wecht says he wants the job back.

However, there is a current medical examiner, Karl Williams, whose term expired at the end of last year. He is technically the acting medical examiner until a new one is appointed. He too is a candidate.

The man who has the power to decide is Allegheny County Executive. The current county executive, Dan Onorato, asked Wecht to resign and appointed Williams.

Onorato was non-committal but not dismissive of Wecht’s request.

“I think he’s extremely qualified and I understand based on the circumstances why he’d want his job back; and you know, it’s something I’ll consider but you know we have somebody there right now too who is also very good,” said Onorato.

Wecht is now 80-years-old. Williams is 63.

“I have all the energy in the world and this job is not frightening to me,” said Wecht. “It would be demanding, but it would be something that I would accept and undertake with great, great delight.

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