LEECHBURG (KDKA) – Reactions to the death of Osama bin Laden are varied around the country.

In some places, people are partying in the streets. Others are somberly marking the occasion while remembering those who died.

In Leechburg, over 200 flags were placed in a park outside the VFW Monday morning.

A picture depicting a Bin Laden’s head in the open beak of an American bald eagle was hung in a nearby restaurant.

The community is beaming with pride and patriotism now that Bin Laden is gone.

“Osama bin Laden learned very clearly what the colors of our flag mean,” VFW Post Commander Patricia Ameno said. “The blue is the skies and the oceans we will cross to meet our enemies. The red is the blood that we are willing to sacrifice and have sacrificed.”

“This is a great signal for the United States, that if someone is going to attack us, we’ve told our enemies that we are relentless and never give up,” VFW Senior Vice Commander Tom Haley said.

It took almost 10 years for United States forces to catch up with Bin Laden. People in Leechburg are proud of the accomplishment, but they know the war against terrorism is far from over.

“We’ve cut the head off this snake. The next thing we have to do is what’s necessary. The mission is not totally accomplished now,” Haley said.

Ameno started placing the flags in the park after hearing the news of Bin Laden’s death.

“We’re proud down here. Proud to be Americans, proud to be military, proud to be veterans, proud to support our country,” Ameno said.


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