UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Police say a local man made more than 400 prank calls to Fayette County 911.

Chad Cooper, 21, of Masontown, asked female dispatchers about their underwear and posed other inappropriate questions.

The 445 calls were made between April 14 and May 1.

“If he got a female dispatcher, he would ask what kind of underwear they were wearing,” Uniontown Police Detective Don Gmitter said. “He would ask them about specific sex acts and a couple cases, he would ask to meet some of them.”

Police identified Cooper by using the GPS tracking system in his phone. He later admitted to making the calls.

Fayette County Emergency Management officials say the calls made by Cooper took dispatchers’ time and attention away during a wind storm.

“And while that was going on, there were over 150 calls received from this individual during that time frame as well and it was impacting the staff majorly,” Bittner added.

Cooper was arrested and charged with more than 2,600 counts against him. He’s being held in the Fayette County Jail until his preliminary hearing.

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