By: Gregg Giannotti

In this very same blog space I wrote about how I was actually enjoying “Dancing with The Stars” and how I was rooting for Hines to win the Mirror Ball trophy…yada yada yada.

Well last night I just lost my mind. I simply can’t take it anymore.

It was fine for a couple of weeks, watching Hines was entertaining but after close to two months of this junk my brain has revolted. I HATE THIS SHOW!!! I can’t take the host Tom Bergeron anymore. He’s just a smug dope who somehow lands every hosting job that Ryan Seacrest doesn’t already have. Brooke Burke, although hot, is talentless, stiff and asks the dumbest questions EVER. For Example:

“The judges gave you got a 27 out of 30 – what were you hoping for?”

Seriously Brooke? What did you think they were going to say? “Well Brooke, we were really hoping for a score of zero, this 27 really stinks.”

Then there’s the judge Bruno with his over the top comments and that Len Goodman who is so negative he could write a book on how winning the lottery would suck. Blargh! I can’t take it! I want Troy Polamalu or whoever goes to see him next week to take a page out of the LAPD’s handbook and handcuff Hines and take him away. This was fun for 2 weeks, now it’s painful.

No more Samba, Cha-Cha, Tango or Waltz. It’s time to end this whole dancing business Hines and come home. Please.

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