GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Two more jailhouse snitches testified today in day four of the trial of a teenager charged in connection with the death of a Greensburg woman last year.

Angela Marinucci is one of six people accused in the brutal torture and murder of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty.

Inmate Felisha Hardison testified that she got to know Marinucci while the two were incarcerated at the Westmoreland County Prison. She says Angela Marinucci has been in good spirits since the trial began and on Monday night actually jumped up and down on her bed bragging to other inmates that she was going to be on television.

Marinucci allegedly told Hardison that she didn’t stop the torture or murder because she had a long-standing grudge with Daugherty and wanted to see her dead. Marinucci told Hardison that Daugherty had stolen two boyfriends from her, including Ricky Smyrnes.

Marinucci allegedly told Hardison that she and Peggy Miller bound Daugherty with garland and Christmas lights after her death.

Hardison says she contacted the District Attorney’s Office because she felt bad about what happened to Daugherty.

Hardison also said that when Marinucci learned she had spent time in a mental hospital, she asked for advice on how to make people think she was crazy so she could use that as a defense.

Also testifying today was inmate Joyce Mackey. She has a long criminal record for retail theft, but says she wanted people to know that Daugherty tried to fight back.

Marinucci allegedly told Mackey that she punched Daugherty in the face because she was flirting with Smyrnes. Mackey says Daugherty kicked Marinucci in the stomach three times back.

Marinucci told Mackey that she believed she was pregnant and Daugherty kicking her made her lose her baby. According to authorities, Marinucci was never pregnant.

Mackey also observed Marinucci’s good spirits this week and says she would laugh upon returning to prison from the courthouse.

Both Hardison and Mackey talked to KDKA on their way back to prison. You can see their interviews tonight on KDKA-TV.

Sources tell KDKA that Amber Meidinger was transported to the Westmoreland County Courthouse this morning. She is expected to testify this afternoon against Angela Marinucci.

Westmoreland County Bureau Chief Trina Orlando is tweeting updates on the trial during breaks; you can follow her tweets at

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