By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider is reporting that the Steelers and Washington Redskins had a 2011 NFL Draft trade agreed upon, but the player was gone.

Wexell said that Washington Redsksins Owner Dan Snyder appeared on Sirius/XM Radio this week and said the trade would’ve given the Steelers the 16th overall pick. The trade didn’t happen because the player the Steelers wanted was off the draft board.

It appears as though that player was Florida guard Mike Pouncey, who was drafted 15th by the Miami Dolphins.

The Redskins eventually traded that 16th pick to Jacksonville, who drafted Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

It’s likely the Steelers would’ve also given at least their 2nd-round pick to Washington.

The Steelers went on to draft Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward in the 1st round and Marcus Gilbert in the 2nd round.