By: Trina Orlando

GREENSBURG (KDKA) – A teenager accused of murder was back on the witness stand Wednesday answering questions from prosecutors.

Angela Marinucci, 18, took the stand Tuesday in her own defense. She is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jennifer Daugherty in February of 2010.

Marinucci kept her head down while answering questions from Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck. He spent three hours Wednesday morning picking apart her direct testimony and pointing out inconsistencies in things she said.

Marinucci did not shed any tears as she described watching Melvin Knight leave the bathroom with a bloody knife. She said she could hear Knight and Ricky Smyrnes asking Daugherty if she wanted to die and why she was letting them do this to her.

Marinucci admitted to hitting Daugherty on several occasions, but said it “wasn’t hard” because “she didn’t want to hurt her.”

When prosecutors asked Marinucci why she never called for help, she said that she was afraid of what Smyrnes and Knight would do to her.

Marinucci testified that Smyrnes said something bad would happen to her if she didn’t come back to the apartment.

Marinucci testified that Smyrnes called a “family meeting” on Thursday morning to decide what to do with the body. She admitted that she suggested putting it beside the train tracks. She said that Smyrnes suggested burning it in a dumpster or dumping it in St. Clair Park.

Marinucci will go back on the stand when court resumes this afternoon.

Once prosecutors are done with their cross-examination, the defense will have the choice to re-direct or rest their case.

Prosecutors will then have the chance to call a rebuttal witness before closing arguments.

The jury could begin deliberations Thursday.

KDKA-TV’s Trina Orlando is in the courtroom and will be tweeting updates on breaks. You can follow her updates at


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