PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Do you have an “office spouse,” a co-worker of the opposite sex you’re extremely close to? One expert says that can create trouble if you don’t follow his advice.

Many of us spend more waking time at work than we do at home. So it’s no wonder we develop close relationships with our co-workers.

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There are no vows between office spouses, but the bonds are real. Psychologist and relationship expert Charles Foster believes work brings like-minded people together.

“You talk about your problems and what’s going on and you give advice to each other, you share your interests,” Dr. Foster says.

Let’s face it, men and women who work together are going to be friends and sometimes might share things that they won’t share with their significant other. But Dr. Foster says it’s pretty clear when it’s gone too far.

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“If you are doing something with quote ‘your office spouse that you wouldn’t feel totally comfortable telling your at home spouse,’ then you have crossed the line,” he says.

That might include sharing too much information about your home life. Physical contact is also off limits. Also, don’t hide that work relationship.

“That’s a recipe for disaster, it may work in the short run but stuff is going to come out and it’s going to blow up in your face,” said he adds.

One survey found that about a third of workers admit to having an office spouse.

Research shows both sexes of an “at home” spouse can become equally jealous of an office spouse, with women more troubled by emotional infidelity than men.

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