LATROBE (KDKA) — The Greater Latrobe School District in Westmoreland County operated under a two-hour delay this morning after the tires on their school buses were found deflated early this morning.

According to school district Superintendent Judith Swigart, workers at First Student Bus Services on Route 981 found the tires deflated on their fleet of buses around 5 a.m.

State police say they believe someone took a ball point pen to the valves of 47 to 48 buses.

“On 11 of the buses, there was ‘Seniors ‘11’ written on there,” said Trooper Steve Limani, of the Pennsylvania State Police. “So whether this could be a senior prank, we’re looking into all different avenues, but we would believe that that’s a good possibility.”

Investigators say those found responsible in the incident could face trespassing and other related charges because they climbed a barbed wire fence to get into the garage.

District officials credit local agencies and some nearby gas stations with helping to inflate the all tires.

State police are asking anyone with information in the case to contact them.

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