GREENSBURG (KDKA) — After four hours of deliberation on Thursday, the jury found the teenager accused in connection with the death of a Greensburg woman last year guilty on all counts.

Angela Marinucci was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty in February of 2010. Marinucci is one of six people accused in Daugherty’s torture and death.

The jury convicted Marinucci on all six counts against her, including first, second and third degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping.

Jennifer Daugherty’s mother, father and little sister held hands in the courtroom while the verdict was read.

“We were very pleased with the verdict and very proud that the jury did such a good job,” Jamie Daugherty, the victim’s sister, said.

This was the first trial for the six people charged in the case.

“Well, it’s great to have one because now I won’t be quite so afraid of the next ones,” Denise Murphy, the victim’s mother, said. “I think justice was done and it doesn’t bring us closure, but it helps a little bit knowing that she [Angela Marinucci] will not be on the streets to ever do this to someone else.”

Bobby Murphy, the victim’s father, says the verdict is not a celebration for his family.

“It’s the start of justice for Jennifer,” he said. “As I was sitting in the courtroom for the last week and a half, I was looking at the 18-year-old defendant up there. I kept thinking about what she had done to Jennifer and if the guilty verdicts come back, she’s throwing her life away.”

“So to all the young teenagers out there and the bullies, think about what you’re doing before you throw your life away,” Murphy added. “I ask the parents to give directions to your children. Don’t let them throw their life away and spend life in prison.”

The family thanked prosecutors and state police.

“I think the jury did a wonderful job. It was a difficult case for us to prosecute and I’m sure it was a difficult case to evaluate in terms of all the witnesses that were presented by the commonwealth,” Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck said.

“We do intend to file an appeal – we feel we have some decent appellate issues to raise – and we’ll just continue to fight this,” Mike DeMatt, Marinucci’s defense attorney, said.

Angela Marinucci’s mother was not in the courtroom because she had to go to work. Her daughter faces a mandatory life sentence.

Westmoreland County Courthouse
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