NORTH SHORE (KDKA) — It’s been over four weeks since a Brinks truck delivered $1 million in cold cash to the Rivers Casino.

It’s called the Million Dollar Mission where the right seven-digit combination inputted by Rivers customers could unlock the money, but so far nobody has the right touch.

“Nobody knows the code. It’s safe and secure. It’s all the way out in Texas right now,” says Rivers Casino spokesperson Matt Stewart. “I have no idea what the code is.”

Any new member of the Rivers Edge Players Club gets one free shot at the combination, along with regular casino customers who play the slots or tables a lot.

Now, the Rivers is giving customers a hint about the combination.

“We’re releasing one of the numbers. The number 9 has been revealed. The number 9 is somewhere in that seven digit code,” says Stewart. “We’re also going to be revealing another number in June as well.”

To help remember this first hint, every player got a number nine cookie.

All a player has to do is take his player’s card and swipe it. Then they have 20 seconds to enter the winning number which we now know includes a nine.

But even if a player doesn’t win a million dollars, no one leaves empty-handed.

Free slot play, meal coupons and even free t-shirts are all possible prizes, if not a million bucks.

“I won $25 free play, so it was good,” says Margie Budai of West Mifflin, “It’s fun.”

And players keep dreaming of hitting the right numbers.

“I think it’s great, and least it gives you a chance,” says Lil Davis of East Liberty. “I might win it. I might win it, so that’s good.”

Lil Davis didn’t win, but she’s not discouraged.

“I didn’t today, but I’ll be back tomorrow.”

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