PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The man accused of duping young women into sending him nude photos of themselves has been released from jail.

Ross Township police say 43-year-old Russell Freed has been charged in connection with allegations of soliciting images from young girls that are considered to be child pornography.

Freed, of Brentwood, was in federal court this morning for a detention hearing. He was released on unsecured bail pending a future hearing.

Freed was released into the custody of his parents on several conditions including electronic monitoring, no access to computers, no contact with minors unless supervised, periodic inspections of his home.

“Number one, that he live with his parents; number two, that he have no access to any computer device at all, number three that he be on an electronic monitoring device; number four, that he be allowed to leave for work,” said David Shrager, the defense attorney.

Also, Freed will be allowed to work, but the judge has not said if he can keep his same job. He works for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission at their office in New Stanton.

Freed is accused of posing as a woman on Facebook, gaining the confidence of innocent young girls, and then getting to send sexually explicit photos. Authorities say he is also accused of threatening to reveal those images to others unless the girls sent more photos.

On Thursday, investigators said that new victims are coming forward and more charges are expected.

Police say the alleged scheme had been going on as far back at the fall of 2010. It’s unknown how many total victims there might be.

Now a federal case, the investigation began in Ross Township. Ross Township police this morning also released the last four digits of Freed’s phone number: 6258. They are asking anyone who has been contacted by someone with those last four digits to give them a call.

Meanwhile, officials say the Turnpike offices in New Stanton will be searched and it is not clear whether or not Freed will be allowed to return to work.

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