RACOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — It’s a good thing Patricia Zick and her husband Bob always take their waterproof bag when they go kayaking.

The Raccoon Township couple was just finishing up an eight hour trek along Raccoon Creek when a fallen tree in the water caused the current to change, knocking them both into the water. Both actually hit a tree with their kayaks.

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“We got over a bad section of rocks and almost immediately we looked up and there was a large tree, completely blocking the river,” Patricia Zick said. “And as I got up there to dock, the current just grabbed my kayak and broadsided me against the tree and knocked me out of the kayak.”

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While both struggled to get out of the water, Patricia was able to reach the waterproof bag she always carried that kept the cell phone and other items dry.

She called 911. Soon firefighters from Potter Township were on the scene. By then, the Zicks were on the shore wet, exhausted and muddy, but alive.

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