By: Mike Vukovcan

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have a realistic chance of signing wide receiver Plaxico Burress?

Head coach Mike Tomlin told Bob Pompeani yesterday that the team would have interest because he has talent.

I wonder what sort of role Burress would have in he offense considering Mike Wallace, Hines Ward, Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown are the top four wide receivers.

So what are the odds that Burress returns to Pittsburgh?

According to, which takes real money on these odds, the Philadelphia Eagles are the favorites to sign Burress.

Here are the top 10 teams with chances of signing Burress (courtesy

Philadelphia Eagles: 3/2

New York Jets: 3/1

St. Louis Rams: 11/2

Washington Redskins: 15/2

Minnesota Vikings: 15/2

Pittsburgh Steelers: 10/1

Chicago Bears: 12/1

New York Giants: 12/1

Cleveland Browns: 15/1

Oakland Raiders: 15/1

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