PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — During the fifth day of testimony in the case against accused cop killer Richard Poplawski, a DNA expert testified that the defendant’s DNA ties him to the shotgun that was used during the shooting that claimed the lives of three Pittsburgh police officers.

Poplawski is accused of gunning down the officers during a shootout at his Stanton Heights home back in April of 2009.

The high-profile trial got underway on Monday at the Allegheny County Courthouse.

Before testimony continued today, prosecutor Mark Tranquilli told the judge he planed to introduce video of Poplawski in jail in which he allegedly yelled, “(Expletive deleted) the Pittsburgh Police. I wish I would have killed more.”

Today DNA expert Thomas Myers took the stand and tied Poplawski’s DNA to the 12-gauge shotgun used in the shootings. When asked the likelihood it was someone else, Myers replied: “one in 1.9 sextillion.”

He explained that it’s like going into a railroad yard with one trillion boxcars, and each boxcar has one billion balls in it. There is only one red ball in all of the boxcars.

Finding another person with that DNA on the rifle is like wandering through the railyard, opening the door to a random boxcar and finding the red ball.

The judge has also told the prosecutor: “You will rest your case today.”

On Thursday, jurors saw additional photos of the weapons found inside the Poplawski home on Fairfield Street in Stanton Heights. They also saw pictures taken in 2008 of Poplawski holding firearms and wearing a bullet-resistant vest.

The judge also allowed the prosecution to show that the defendant viewed the website of a white supremacist group as well as a news report on a mass murder-suicide in upstate New York in the early morning hours before the shooting.

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