MCCANDLESS (KDKA) — A frustrated woman took a baseball bat to the front windows of the Target in McCandless.

Donna Rosenberger, 39, of Cranberry, had an explanation for her actions.

“I tried returning two ice cream makers and they would not give me my money back,” she said. “So I made a scene yesterday.”

Rosenberger told KDKA’s John Shumway she went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a high performance Louisville Slugger Dynasty and returned to the Target Friday morning for the attack.

While talking to KDKA’s John Shumway, Rosenberger went into a rant about politicians as she was taken for arraignment and an evaluation at the district magistrate.

She was released on her own recognizance.

Rosenberger claims that she has been beaten, terrorized and tortured over the past six to 11 years.

When she left the magistrate’s office, she was complaining about their phone books and the staff.

“What are they all doing in there? What are they getting paid for – just to staple papers together?” she told KDKA’s John Shumway.

Back at her car, she was talking about a camera shop and her bank.

“Like if I go to the bank, I’ve had this happen to me too where I tried to get money out of the bank and they say, ‘We don’t have enough money in the bank to give you your money,’” she said.

Then Rosenberger said she had business to do and drove off.

A Target spokesperson at their national headquarters told KDKA-TV Rosenberger was offered a gift card. She wanted cash and that’s what the dispute was about.

Rosenberger is facing charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. She will be in court again next week.

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