PROSPECT (KDKA) — The Big Butler Fair has been coming around for 156 years.

For Fourth of July fun and games, not to mention corn dogs, many seek the midway as their annual summer escape.

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But the bedrock of the Big Butler Fair is farming.  And some of these farm families have been showing animals for generations.

Six generations, in the case of Harold Kennedy and daughter, Diane Edwards.

“I remember grandpap and dad, they’d bring scythes to the fair to cut the weeds down, and get into the barns,” said Kennedy.

That was important, because, “We slept in the barn,” Kennedy said. “That’s the only place we had.”

Accommodations have improved considerably for daughter Diane and her family.  But it’s still the Big Butler Fair.

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“It’s in our blood,” Edwards said. “My children actually went through the 4-H program, and hopefully my grandchildren that are too young right now, but hopefully when there age comes, they will be doing it.”

Four-H is a constant in the barns and corrals of the sprawling fairground in Prospect.

“My great grandchildren will be showing at the fair this year for the first time,” Kennedy said.

The fair brings a taste of farming to visitors from cities and suburbs.

“It is so great to see people that think that milk comes from Giant Eagle or someplace like that when they have the milking contest up here,” Kennedy said. “And say, ‘Oh is that where it comes from?’”

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