AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — The crumbling façade of a brick building sent emergency crews to Ambridge this morning.

It happened around 7:30 a.m. in the 300-block of Maplewood Drive.

The bricks came down right onto the sidewalk.

“They came away from the building, and with this hot sun, it just came out some more and just fell down,” said Chief Dave Dewnowski, of the Ambridge Fire Department. “With the age of the buildings in Ambridge, I can remember several of them do come down. It’s not unusual, not just in Ambridge, but a lot of communities.”

If you look just a few doors down, it’s visible on other buildings too – bricks out of line, ready to come down. The fronts of entire buildings cracking at the façade.

Officials say it starts with freeze-thaw process in the wintertime.

For now, the building has been deemed safe.

No injuries were reported.

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