INDIANA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Officials with Allegheny County Police say the Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled the death of a 3-year-old Indiana Township boy, who suffered a gunshot wound late Friday night, as accidental.

Police in Indiana Township got the 911 call after 10 p.m. It happened at the Rich Hill Estates mobile home park.

Investigators say 3-year-old Peyton Regan was found dead in a bedroom.

“We received the call at 2220 hours this evening for a 3-year-old child that was shot – a self-inflicted gunshot wound – arrived, the child was DOA,” said Sgt. Tim Michael, of the Indiana Township Police.

Neighbors say they believe that Ronnie Regan was in a bedroom when he accidentally sat the handgun down for a split second. They think the boy picked the gun up and it accidentally went off.

According to the Allegheny County police, the father was taking a shirt out of a drawer to go to a softball game when he put the .357 semiautomatic on a dresser.

Neighbors describe Regan and his wife, Courtney, as loving, caring parents.

“It’s just a shame that this accident happened, they never left him alone, ever. For this just to happen, it’s devastating,” said Marsha Yount, a neighbor.

If Peyton was out in the yard, and just fell, they were right there,” added Keith Cohen, another neighbor. “You blinked your eye and they were right there with the baby.”

Allegheny County homicide detectives and Indiana Township police continue to investigate.

Meanwhile, neighbors of the couple say they hope this tragedy serves as a reminder for other parents who keep guns in the house.

“You have kids, you have guns, lock your guns up – trigger lock, lock box – lock them away. Don’t let the kids see them or even know you have them,” said Cohen.

Police say the case will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

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3-Year-Old Dies After Shooting In Indiana Township
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