PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There are new details about the house in Stanton Heights where three Pittsburgh police officers were shot and killed while responding to a domestic call in April of 2009.

The KDKA Investigators have learned that the house is scheduled for sheriff’s sale later this year.

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There was that fateful day that claimed the lives of three brave officers; and forever after, there has been a boarded-up shell of house – riddled with gunshots.

For the past two years, JP Morgan Chase has tried to foreclose on Margaret Poplawski, but their efforts had been stymied pending the trial of her son, Richard, who was convicted and sentenced in the case just over a week ago.

“Now that the trial is over, the lender has decided to move forward, re-expose the property to sheriff sale,” said Sgt. Richard Fersch, of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.

In September, the house will go up on the block in sheriff sale – for a listed $65,000. The hope in the neighborhood is that some white knight will step forward, buy the house and tear it down.

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“It could be purchased and then demolished; certainly,” said Sgt. Fersch.

There has been some speculation that Hines Ward and another Steeler may play the role of that knight or perhaps the City of Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, neighbors on Fairfield Street believe that they have endured enough infamy with the Poplawski house.

“I think there’s finally going to be some closure and let the street get back to where it was before and that’s great. It’s a great street,” said Richard Hess, a resident of Stanton Heights.

Now there is some hope that the eyesore and grim reminder of that April day tragedy will finally be demolished, and the neighborhood can finally move on.

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