JEANNETTE (KDKA) — A fire broke out Saturday morning at an abandoned hospital in Westmoreland County.

It happened at the old Monsour Medical Center in Jeannette.

Officials say firefighters found flames on the fifth floor of the building in an old waiting room.

The blaze spread into a nearby hallway before firefighters got the flames under control.

State police are investigating.

“Anytime you have an old, vacant building like that – people go in there, they mess around, they steal stuff, they… scrap thieves, copper thieves and stuff like that, they like to cut things out, which is part of the structure. So, you never know what you’re getting yourself into when you get in there,” said Sgt. Chuck Miller, of the Jeannette Fire Department.

Monsour was closed in March of 2006.

Investigators say the building has been the target of vandals in the past.

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