GREENSBURG (KDKA) – The defense began their case Thursday in the trial of a man charged with murdering his wife’s lover.

An attorney for Richard McAnulty is trying to prove that his client is guilty of manslaughter, but not murder.

He’s trying to do that by showing the jury that McAnulty was in a sudden fit of rage at the time of the shooting.

On Thursday, a psychiatrist took the stand for the defense and said McAnulty was in an hours-long rage at the time. However, that wouldn’t have stopped him from forming an intent to kill.

There was no comment from McAcnulty as he left the Westmoreland County Courthouse on the fourth day of his murder trial.

Earlier in the day, attorneys met with the judge to discuss whether e-mails exchanged between McAnulty’s wife and victim, Harry Mears, would be admitted into evidence.

Authenticity was an issue, but the judge has not yet made a decision.

Defense attorney Tim Andrews said it was rereading this e-mail just prior to the shooting that caused McAnulty to become enraged.

Also today, a long-time friend of McAnulty took the stand for the defense and testified about McAnulty’s drinking habits.

Blair Coleman talked with KDKA-TV’s Trina Orlando outside the courthouse and said he is praying for McAnulty and for everyone involved in this tragedy.

Court is in recess until Monday morning.

The final witness for the prosecution is out of town until that time.

It will then be up to the defense to decide if any other witnesses, or even McAnulty himself, will take the stand.


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