By Dave Crawley

POINT BREEZE (KDKA)–Terri Taylor traveled the world as a reporter for KDKA-TV.

But tomorrow’s flight to China may be the most important trip of her life.

Taylor’s Emmy winning investigations took her from Newfoundland to London to Versailles as a KDKA reporter from 1988 to ’91.  But, her next journey is personal.

“I’m going to southern China on what is going to be literally the story of my life,” Taylor said.

It began with a lymph node.

“I had it biopsied and there it was,” Taylor said. “And there it was, a really rare rectal cancer.”

China has developed a treatment not available anywhere else.

“It’s called Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy, and it’s an upgrade on what we already to in the United States, called photodynamic therapy,” Taylor said.

The patient is placed in an infrared chamber after cells are infused with chlorophyll.

“This starts the whole process of photosynthesis and cell death of those cancer cells,” she said. “And you go through this treatment every day.  It depends on your cancer.  I ‘m expecting to be there for five weeks.”

Taylor said people are coming to her every day saying, “Do you need anything?”

Neighbors in Point Breeze held a fundraising event, and the Frick Park Market donated food to help defray the $60,000 cost.

“It’s a very close caring community,” said Maggi Cook, a Frick Park Market employee. “And when people need help and the neighbors can help, they do.”

When Taylor opened up to Facebook friends, donations poured in including more than 100 checks and an equal number of thank you cards.  She will be blogging from china, and fully expects, “Everything is going to work out fine.”

Donations can be made on her website at:


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